Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015

///Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015
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When it comes to mobile marketing, business owners would be wise to take advantage of one of the biggest trends in digital marketing and ecommerce of the last few years. In fact, a report by global market research firm Frost and Sullivan showed that mobile marketing advertising expenditure in Australia is expected to reach $76m this year.

With many other recent studies showing that mobile users have already surpassed PC internet usage, revamping your mobile marketing campaign plan may be one the best investments you can do right now to grow your business.

Here are 5 useful mobile marketing trends to grow your business in 2015

Mobile security is a requirement

With the recent slew of high profile hackings and data breaches of big stores and financial institutions, data security has taken a huge priority lift in many organisations. An although these breaches were not really mobile in nature, the increased popularity of mobile apps and mobile web browsing is sure to bring new security concerns as it could potentially affect millions of mobile users.

Ensuring mobile apps can effectively protect user data is essential to avoiding a high profile hacking incident within your business.

Use appropriate keywords

Using business and location specific keywords for your mobile marketing campaign significantly enhances your local search and social media marketing. Once the keywords are specified, your website should be optimised accordingly for local search by updating the Title and Meta descriptions.

Be trendy

The mobile generation has been sweeping the online marketing world by storm both in terms of the number of users and the vast range of smart phones devices and capabilities on the market.

Firms that will be successful in providing a great customer experience for mobile users are those that take advantage of phone popular features on the phone to increase engagement between marketers and customers.

For example, using geolocation, motion detecting sensors or beacon technologies can alert marketers when customers are nearby retail stores to send marketing coupons or offers.

Increase your engagement with your customers

Mobile technology can actually enhance the engagement process with your customers even more so than with traditional marketing strategies.

Since customers are likely to first look in their mobile devices for any upcoming promotional events or sales, prioritising your mobile website updates is a must. A great method of increasing response rates is to include an opt-in option where customers can sign up to receive automatic alerts.

Make sure your email marketing is also mobile friendly

Using permission based email marketing is a golden rule to follow if you expect to build customer loyalty. However, if users have even a little bit of trouble seeing your mobile website properly on their devices, you can expect them to quickly move on to another site.

Don’t give mobile user’s short attention span a chance to tap their way out of your site by ensuring your messages are optimised for mobile viewing and that your call to action is front and centre, regardless of the mobile device and screen size being used.

Mobile marketing continues to evolve at a rapid rate and the trend seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Having a clearly defined mobile marketing strategy is one of the best ways for businesses to remain competitive and relevant.

There is no doubt that mobile marketing can potentially have a large impact on the success of your business in 2015. Even if you feel you are late to the game, implementing these mobile marketing trends can still offer your business the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits that mobile marketing can offer to Australian businesses in 2015.

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