11 Very Surprising Mobile Marketing Facts

///11 Very Surprising Mobile Marketing Facts
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Mobile marketing has often been regarded to as one of the newest, yet most traditional methods of digital advertising that is offered on the market at this moment in time. It represents the technique of providing users with personalized and time-sensitive information, capable of promoting ideas, goods, and services.

It works through a variety of channels, yet all are linked to the mobile device that readers are connected to most of the time. With this in mind, mobile marketing can be conducted through push notifications, in-game and in-app advertisements, SMS, Bluetooth, QR codes, automated calls, voice mail, MMS and more.

As this field is still relatively new, thanks to an article published by the folks behind Website Builder, we have access to 11 surprising facts on the mobile marketing niche. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Currently, 85% of mobile users are happier to use mobile apps, rather than mobile websites due to better optimization and more features.
  2. The mobile market currently accounts for almost two full minutes out of 3 digital media minutes, thus showing a massive growth in the trend.
  3. Mobile commerce is rapidly growing, with 4 out of 5 consumers using their smartphones to shop and make purchases.
  4. Analysts predict that soon enough, mobile commerce will manage to rake over $90 billion in sales, whereas 30% of e-commerce sales will come from smartphones in the United States, by the year of 2018.
  5. Lately, media brands have devoted 51% of their advertising budget to mobile platforms.
  6. At this moment, 41% of marketers believe that attribution transparency represents the biggest challenge that mobile marketing needs to fix shortly.
  7. Emails are getting more popular on mobile as well. After all, 69% of all emails are opened on mobile devices first.
  8. When it comes down to the number of users, it is important to point out the fact that at this time, the number of mobile opens for email has well surpassed the number of desktops opens, with mobile situated at 50.12% and desktop at 32.97%.
  9. A review that has been carried out around Google Data showcases that currently, around 82% of smartphone users, tend to use their device to make a smarter purchase decision. Not only this, but the shopping-related searches made on mobile terminals has increased by around 120% in 2015 alone.
  10. Loading times are pretty significant. In fact, a 2013 Harris Interactive Study has found that 30% of customers who have had a bad, mobile-based purchasing experience will choose to not return to the offending website. Not only this, but 18% of users will want to abandon a site if it doesn’t load in less than 5 seconds.
  11. Last but not least, nearly 60% of all searches are now coming from mobile devices, whereas 30% of these are local searches.
    Based on everything that has been outlined so far, these facts showcase the evolution of mobile devices, and how important mobile marketing has become for marketers throughout the world.
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