Using Google+ to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

///Using Google+ to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking
  • use google+ to improve search engine ranking

If you are a business owner or a blogger, chances are you want to get your business website noticed as much as possible. After all, the more your website or blog is noticed, the more success you will have. If you want your business to get noticed, you are going to want to have the highest possible search engine rankings. Social media has proven to be a highly effective method to help boost search engine rankings.

While social sites like Facebook and Twitter can certainly draw attention to your site and boost your page rank, if you really want to bring up those rankings, you should take advantage of Google+. This site is the powerhouse search engine’s answer to social media, and if you want to increase your page rank, you should get on board with this site and make the most of it.

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Just getting started using Google+ for your business, or have you been on it a while, but want to step up your efforts to increase your rankings? Here are some Google+ tips that will help you bring up those search engine rankings, thus increasing your exposure and your success.

Set Up Google Authorship.

One of the ultimate goals of Google is to provide search engine users with the highest quality search results. As part of this effort, Google has implemented a way for authors to showcase the work they have written online. This means that when Google+ users search for topics that are related to articles you have written, they will have the ability to see your collection of work and easily gain access to your website or blog.

Link the content you have written to your Google+ profile, or link your Google+ profile to the content you have written, and you will have the ability to boost those search engine rankings.

Connect to Your Google+ Page.

Make sure you connect your website or blog to your Google+ page. This simple tactic can have a huge effect on your search engine ranking, allowing you to gain maximum exposure.

The More Followers, the Better.

The more followers you have on your Google+ page, the higher your search engine results will be. It stands to reason that this is the case — especially if you have your website or blog linked to your Google+ profile.

Get more followers by:


  • Sharing your Google+ profile on other social media sites.
  • Sharing a link to your Google+ profile on your website or blog.
  • Sharing a link to your profile wherever possible, including author bios, forum signatures, email signatures, and so forth.

Google+ is more than just a means of socializing; it is a powerful tool that can help you boost your search engine rankings and the overall success of your website or blog.

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