Ad placement is important if people want to make more money, so I’ve talked about a few ways they can tweak their design to increase their income.

When people are starting out, the easiest way for them to make money is by placing ads on their site. Just because they put ads on their website it doesn’t mean anyone will click on them. Design plays a very important part in the equation. I’m talking about ad placement here rather than what your ads look like, because if you’re using Google AdSense you don’t have control over what they say or look like anyway. Take a look at some of these tips and they should ensure you start earning more money.

Place videos near your ads

Google cracked down on webmasters placing images next to their ads and it wasn’t because people were making more money. They were upset because the images were creating a lot of false clicks. This was in the best interests of their customers because the false clicks were costing them a lot of money. These days you can do the same sort of thing, but instead of placing images near your ads you should place videos there instead. It’s perfectly legal and you will make a lot more money if you do it.

Above the fold

Most people who land on a website won’t read anything. They will land on a page and they’ll be desperate to go somewhere else. If you place your ads above the fold there is a good chance those people will click them, especially these days because the ads are a lot more targeted. Just don’t place too many ads above the fold because your site might be penalized if there isn’t enough content. If your rankings drop your monthly ad income will drastically decrease.

Leave the sidebar alone

When someone tells you anything about ad placement you have to take it with a grain of salt. That means your results might end up being completely different. That being said, a lot of people seem to think the sidebar is a terrible place to put ads because the click-through rate is horrible. It might also ruin the click-through rate of your ads in the main content column. Feel free to test it for yourself, but don’t keep any ads in your sidebar if they’re not working because it will only hurt you in the long-run.

Start using heatmap software

Have you ever used heatmapping software before? It’s an amazing tool for anyone who places ads on their site because it will tell you where your visitors are clicking. If you know which areas of your site they’re clicking you can tweak your ads placements so they’re closer to the more popular areas. This is better than guessing and it should be easy to increase your income overnight. If you look around you’ll find a few free trials and you can decide which heatmapping software you like best.

Wrapping text around ads

Once you’ve used the internet for a few years you stop trusting ads because you know someone wants your money. Content is completely different and everyone trusts the written word. You can take advantage of this by wrapping text around your ads. Your visitors will still realize there are ads on your site, but something mysterious will happen. They will trust the ads more and there is a bigger chance of people clicking on them, so don’t forget to test it out.

Everything can change overnight

Another great thing about ads is the fact you can increase your income within 5 minutes after changing a few things around. If you have ads on your site you must try to get the most out of them otherwise you’re leaving lots of money on the table. The money is better being in your pocket than another webmaster’s.

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The author of this post is Kristina Parker. Kristina is a freelance blogger currently writing for Adslot, experts in direct media buying. After a hard day’s work, Kristina loves playing tennis or cooking for herself. You can also follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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