SEO tips for new marketers

///SEO tips for new marketers
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Search Engine Optimization is done by using different techniques and strategies to develop improvements in a user’s experience and your performance in organic search results. SEO helps search engines in finding and ranking your site over all other sites in response to the user’s search within an online search engine.

The process to improve ranking involves making small changes to your website over time rather making all at once. In this article, we have compiled a list of some SEO tips for new marketers.

SEO Basics

Create useful and compelling content

Organic is something that helps in building the reputation of sites with both search engines and users, and it comes without quality content. Marketers are able to build the recognition of sites consistently by creating useful and compelling content. SEO is putting the site’s best foot forward when it comes to visibility in search engines, but also remember humans are still your primary audience.

Keyword Optimization Strategy

When you are starting up with SEO, aim for a keyword optimization strategy for the long term. This is best as it can produce many qualified prospects who are shopping in your niche already. You don’t have to depend on purchasing expensive Google Adwords.

When Writing Content

Keep your target audience in mind

Make use of different keyword phrases when writing content. This allows you to anticipate the differences in users understanding and internet searching skills. Users who no less about your website topic will likely search for different keywords as compared to the users who are well versed in the same.

Write well and avoid content dumping

Well written content is enjoyed by both search engines and users. The grammar or spelling mistakes in the content can lay a wrong impression in mind of users. Content dumping refers to tossing of different unrelated topics and keywords in your content in single attempt so as to increase your SEO. Don’t try to cheat search engines and users by dumping different types of content onto a single page.

Always create content for users not for search engines

While search engines might help you to attract users to your website, the users are one that will keep you in business. A good strategy to have success is to design the website fulfilling the users needs while keeping it accessible to search engines.

Promote your content

Promoting your content effectively will result in faster discovery by those who are interested in the same subject. Make use of your social media profiles and blogs to post the new information about your business.

What is your site’s impact?

Understand the incoming traffic

Once you improve crawling and indexing of your website, it is now the turn to understand your traffic coming to your site by making use of Google analytics and Google webmasters tools. Google analytics tool is available free that will provide you the insight how users reach and behave on your site.

This information can be beneficial in 3 ways

  • enables you to tweak aspects of your website that are not doing well
  • to recognize the impact or affect of those changes
  • to understand the most popular site content.

Extra perk

Search engines upgrade their SEO algorithms daily, so it is necessary that you should stay up to date.


All these tips will help the new marketers to achieve success in their online marketing campaign. If you have any other suggestion then, please include them in the comments below.

Author Bio: Jensen is a content writer for SEO Rank Smart. He shars Social Media & Internet marketing experience through his writing skill.

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