In 2013, marketers have not only been predicting future trends, but they are also ready to invent some and pursue them as 2014 has just arrived. As the online marketplace continues to improve and evolve, market researchers have regularly been adding new progressive methods and tools. This is particularly important to remain in competition! The roots for these online branding trends have been planted in the past few years, but they will continue to grow to new levels as the New Year headways. The year is about to bring you a lot of surprises, with the following upcoming trends.

Content marketing will be the king!

Companies are trying to establish constant trust and loyalty amongst customers by making sure that they provide and create valued content through a combination of channels. No doubt this is about sending the most relevant business information to the customer to provide them satisfaction and entertainment. Gone are the days when a boring design will please the audience, 2014 will be all about creativity and design, where designers and developers will pour their best into what they create.

Audio and visualized advertising

2014 is not only going to be about alphabets, numbers, shapes and graphs. The data being communicated to the targeted market will be more about visual content, where things and humans are going to be in action. Yes! The latest trend is all about videos, just not text. The media this year is going to be moving graphics. Not only will this prove to be a better communicator to the consumers, but it will be extremely beneficial to the marketing campaign. Facebook has emerged as a trend setter to this new fashion for 2014. Now you have ads once you visit your newsfeed by your favorite pages. Doesn’t this sound dynamic?

The Mobile Buzz!

Industries and businesses have found out through research that most of the clients conducting business with them are using mobile phones. So by the start of the year, marketers have realized that it is just as necessary to design and craft mobile friendly applications and messaging to remain in direct contact with their customers. Marketers will have the opportunity to further create relationship with  customers by collecting data through mobile surveys and market their brand. This year not only brings sales opportunities through websites but features for smartphones.

Less is best

Consumers today just don’t have the time for big and more when it comes to content. Today’s lifestyle is about finding simplified but best solution to your needs. This culture has pushed marketers to bring about simple messages with complete information. This year advertisers will have to compensate for content that include elements which are easy to search and absorb. Flashy is more catchy!

Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that since 2013, online social networks have gained a lot of importance. Pages like Facebook and Twitter have created a positive brand engaging with the buying audience. This online socializing has pumped the purchasing habits of consumers who have also encouraged strangers through viral activities. Businesses this year are encouraging their marketing strategies to use these platforms extensively and connect with the customers as much as possible.

Ad Retargeting grows in Effectiveness

This marketing strategy of frequently serving ads to people once they have visited an advertiser’s website will act as one of the major and broadly used strategies throughout the year. It’s no wonder that this technique can be fairly effective, as the reminder keeps on following for products they viewed once. It’s extremely likely that this strategy will become more mainstream in 2014.

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