Online Brand Management Tips for 2014

///Online Brand Management Tips for 2014
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Having a strong online presence has become an essential part of every business owner’s strategy to become successful in today’s world. This entails using a variety of platforms such as social media and implementing search optimization techniques to promote your brand on the Web and draw traffic to your online company website.

Whether consumers first learn of your brand online or whether they hear of it offline via word of mouth, they are still very likely to look up your company via a Google search to get more information and references.

Knowing how to build an online presence and being able to effectively manage it on a regular basis will bring your business countless bottom line benefits as well as a good reputation. Here are some tips for effective online brand management:

Getting Optimized

Consumers should not have to be clicking through pages upon pages of search engine results in order to be able to finally find your company’s website. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process that enables your website to rank higher in search engine results.

The more consumers keep seeing your website appearing in their search results, especially after having edited their search terms, the more credibility your business gets. This helps drive more traffic to the website which also translates into more sales opportunities.

Companies Like Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn present excellent opportunities for businesses to boost their online presence and reputation. Companies that have dedicated social media teams are able to lead discussions or join existing discussions where their brand or products are being discussed.

By being proactive in engaging with customers, companies are able to respond to any criticisms in a constructive way while promoting their brand to millions of users around the world. Not only does using a social media platform cost little to no money, it is an effective method of engaging clients in real-time and an opporunity for a business to show leadership and a commitment to quality customer care.

Emails are Still Very Effective

Although social media platforms provide companies with an effective tool for interacting and engaging with consumers in real-time, emails continue to be the most popular online activity and preferred marketing method. E-mails enable companies to better target and segment their customer base in order to be able to send them more relevant information that leads to higher engagement.

In addition, outoing company e-mails from employees should contain signatures that includes employee information (name and title), a link to the company’s website and relevant phone numbers. This gives customers an easy way to request any information they may need in a timely manner.

Printed Materials Help your Brand

Printed materials will continue to be a great way to promote your brand, especially when used to get people to go online to look up more information about your company. A business card, for example, creates a good first impression about your company brand and usually contains a link to the company’s website. In adittion, a QR code grants people immediate access to the company’s webiste via a quick smartphone scan.

Other business marketing documents such as brochures and presentations also help provide consumers with information abou the company as well as a way to access their website. Clearly conveying the strength of the brand and the benefits of their products is a great way to promote awareness about the company.

These key tips are meant to be implemented as part of any company’s overall online marketing strategy to build a powerful online presence. Online brand management requires an integrated approach to make sure the campaign works effectively across all the available platforms, both online and in print form. Understanding who your target audience is, and what the industry demands are will ensure that your brand remains relevant and competitive.

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