Last Minute Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season

//Last Minute Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season
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At this point, most ecommerce websites are in full swing with their holiday online marketing campaigns. As a small business owner, managing all the different priorities may have left you without any time to put a little effort in your own online marketing campaign to help increase ecommerce sales.

Fortunately, there is still time to take advantage of one of the best shopping seasons of the year. Here are a few tips to help you get your campaign started quickly and increase ecommerce sales.

Social Media

Word of mouth is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forms of marketing for small businesses. This channel enables customers to talk about their favourite brands and products any day and at any time.

Customers are more likely to be influenced by friend or peer reviews of products than they are of product description pages on company websites, so taking an active role in marketing via a social media channel like Facebook is a great opportunity to promote your brand and increase sales.

Some practical ideas to improve your online marketing include making sponsoring a social contest giveaway for followers who “like” your Facebook page or offering special deals for followers who mention your company name on their pages.

Making good use of eye-catching imagery in your Facebook ads is a good way to compel visitors to click on them to get more information, create loyalty and increase sales.

Send holiday e-greetings to your loyal customers

Consistent with the theme of providing a personalized experience for your loyal customers, sending out a special season’s greetings to your loyal customers. Run special holiday promotions and offer limited-time freebies and coupon codes that will help engage customers and drive sales.

E-commerce platforms like Magento offer many free extensions such as CleverReach Connect that allow you to create many professional emails online and track their success.

Shoppers are more likely to be outdoors shopping so making sure your emails are mobile optimized is more crucial than ever to make sure your customers have no problem viewing your messages.

Optimize your performance speed

Speed is often cited as one of the most significant factors that help drive a positive online shopping experience. With attention spans of only about 3 seconds and a very competitive eCommerce environment, it is crucial that long load times are reduced to an absolute minimum for your online shoppers.

Heavy HTML requests such as large images, styles and JavaScript can have a negative impact on the load times of your eCommerce site. Working with a professional web developer or designer to review these files and find way to speed up these browser requests will have an immediate impact on your site speed.

In addition, finding a secure host that provides great functionality, flexibility and speed is one of the best ways to ensure your ecommerce store is performs and boosts conversion rates.

Turn abandoned shopping carts into sales opportunities

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the greatest challenges that online retailers face. There are many reasons why shoppers may go through the trouble of filling up shopping carts and then not following through with the purchase and thus abandoning the cart. Ecommerce platforms like Magento offer free extensions such as Bronto that are easy to install and can use the provided customer information to create follow up emails that help drive sales and turn them into repeating customers.

These tips are all easy to implement in your online marketing campaign and will help increase ecommerce sales this holiday season. Catch up to your competitors in a short amount of time with these strategies that will help promote your brand and drive sales.

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