Content marketing is at the center of any online marketing campaign strategy. Original, high-quality and relevant content helps attracts users to your page with the goal of persuading or enhancing the user’s behavior. Content marketing should be a continual process that is integrated across multiple channels in your online marketing campaign such as SEO and social media.

Blogging is one of the most common and effective forms of content marketing. However, creating new, original content on a continual basis can become difficult to do at times.

An effective solution to this problem is to take your older, but still great content and repurposing it to help you reach new users. Here are some great ways to breathe new life into your older content and drive traffic to your site.

Changing the Format of Your Blog Content

Taking your previously published content and simply re-using it can cause several problems for your online marketing strategy and can negatively affect your SEO due to duplicity. Fortunately, people have different preferences in the formats available for consuming content. Some may prefer to consume content in an audio format, like a podcast, while others may prefer to watch a video or read a text document.

Changing the format of your old blog article and using the content to create a new podcast, video, or even an e-book is one of the easiest and most effective ways to repurpose your content. In addition, making the content available in multiple formats increases your audience exposure and conversion rate.

Hub and Spoke Method

The Hub and Spoke method is an effective way to maintain a level of connectivity between the content within in your marketing program. This method entails writing a major article piece on your blog and then creating follow ups, additions, summaries or simply creating other related articles. In addition, you can also link back to the main article for continued reading.

The Hub and Spoke method gives websites targeted referral traffic that have the highest conversion rate out of all online marketing channels, improves SEO ranking and best of all, adding additional posts is easier as they do not need to be as in-depth as the main article.

Drilling Down on Topics from Numbered or Bulleted Lists

Numbered and bulleted lists with titles like “The Top 10 Ways to…” or “The 5 Best Solutions to…” are popular because they offer readers a variety of content in a summarized and easy-to-read manner. Taking those individual highlighted points in your list and expanding them into their own articles is also practical way to repurpose your content.

Additionally, it may even be possible to create yet another numbered list out of that highlighted topic so the opportunities for creating new content are expanded significantly. As each new topic is created, it still keeps a level of relevance with the overall content of your marketing program.

Make a Presentation Out of your Old Content

Presentations are an effective way to present important facts, statistics and advice. Therefore taking some main points from one of your previous blogs and repurposing them into visually appealing presentations is a great way to engage your audience and capture their attention.

You can also help drive more traffic to your site by providing links and lead magnets for people who want more information about you, your products and services.

Generating original content that your audience finds compelling and interesting will always be a challenge, but the above ideas provide many great ways to generate more content. As long as you are consistently generating good content, people will enjoy consuming it in its different forms.

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