The economy is rebounding, the stocks are rising, and the birds are singing in the sky. For once, after 5 straight years of recession, the business world is finally getting back on its feet. And, more than likely, business owners are finally starting to feel their pockets and wallets getting just a bit heavier.

So what do you do now with all this newfound money? Well, if you are looking to make some profitable investments, then it might be time to build your very own business—the time has never been more right. After all, if done right, you might find those heavy pockets become even heavier; here are some of the best new businesses that you should consider building/starting.

4. Self-Storage Company

Before you click out of this website, let me plead my case for a second. I know that a self-storage company seems like a crazy proposal, but you have to understand its potential! This is going to be the cheapest investment choice on this list, and it can potentially make just as much money as anything you try.

After a low, low upfront investment of 1.3 million (average), you have the potential to start making profit after just 3 years, something that is nearly unheard of in this industry. Granted, there are a lot of factors that go into it—such as location, saturation, and more—and it isn’t guaranteed money; however, because of the low investment cost, it’s one of the least risky jobs you can jump into. If you’re interested, check out Alert Building systems for more information on building your very own self-storage company.

3. Website Marketing

The best part about a website design/marketing company is there is basically no overhead (particularly if you’re keeping it small). You have the option of making it a true “work from home” position, and all you really need to do is buy equipment, licenses to programs, and other web based investments that could help with your business. True, you need to know a lot about website marketing, and I wouldn’t build a company based around it unless you were an expert or were working with one, but it’s still a very lucrative business idea that could make you tons of money in the end.

2. Software Service

Do you have a great software idea that could help people? Are you willing to pay someone to program that, or program it yourself? If so, making your own software service company could be the way to go. Selling software is one of the biggest markets right now, and—depending on your product—it could be potentially easy to jump into that market headfirst. You even have some flexibility, as you could offer physical discs or just straight-up downloads, both of which have their pros and cons.

1. Repair Services

No matter what you know how to fix, there’s normally some sort of market for fixing it, so why not turn that talent into a business? Unlike many on this list, you probably will need a physical location (which won’t be super expensive, considering the fact you don’t need a ton of space), but it’s still worth the money you could potentially receive. After all, even after hiring employees, spending money on supplies, and paying for rent on the job site, you still can easily start making profit within no time at all; all it takes is a good idea, something ubiquitously used all over the world, and—of course—the know-how to fix that item cheaply as possible.

Trust us; as far as new businesses go, these are the ones you want to look into. They are as low risk as they get!

Tyler Fleck is a writer who likes consider various opportunities but never seize them because, well, he’s a writer. He’s writing on behalf of Alert Building systems, a self-storage facility builder that strives to help its customers be profitable as quickly as possible.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Melbourne Web Design & Online Marketing.