Still unfamiliar with PayPal and need to get an update on the most significant facts on this popular online payment method, then you are at the right place. Below we present an interesting and comprehensive infographic created by a group of professionals at PlayNpay. The infographic highlights the major facts on the success story of PayPal from the day it kicked off. But before you take a look at it, you should read the following 5 Simple Facts About PayPal. So, let’s get started:

  1. Following its merger with eBay, PayPal became the only payment gateway for eBay users.
  2. ranks 73 among websites around the world by its traffic.
  3. Paypal is convenient means of payment for businesses working with an international workforce. The system enables you to receive money in more than 100 countries, allowing fund withdrawal in 56 currencies, as well as the possibility to hold balances in 25 currencies.
  4. Thanks to its reliability, PayPal comes second (26 %) as the safest online payment system among consumers in the US, yielding only to Credit Cards (4 %).
  5. PayPal is incredibly good at keeping its spot amongst rapidly growing businesses, as it never stops upskilling. Its market capital comprises $ 51.7 billion, with a stock price of $ 59.09 billion, while its average annual revenue reaches $ 10 billion.

PayPal has gone through many changes, has undergone cyber attacks, was once bought by eBay at the price of 1.5 billion, yet managed to remain as a leading payment method competitive in the global market, only having a few real competitors, among them Amazon for instance. (Also read: Pointers for Selecting the Best Online Payment Service Provider for Your Business)

5 Simple Facts About PayPal Explained