Instagram Stories is now a must-use marketing channel for brands that desire quick and massive growth. In addition to 400 million active users on a daily basis, it offers a variety of ways for you to market your business.

You can opt to take users behind the scenes for a sneak peek of new products, host influencers, create how-to’s, run campaigns or ads to boost engagement and sales, etc.

For example, CoverGirl used video ads in its Instagram Stories to achieve a 30.1 million reach on Instagram and Facebook, and an incredible five times higher increase in message association.

Another example is Tokopedia’s mobile app install campaign which led to 11% lift in reach and 54% rise in app installations.

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Moreover, it has got features that you can use to ease your marketing campaign. The infographic below shows that hashtags, in general, can increase engagement by 12%. Geotagged posts can attain 79% more engagement, which makes location tagging vital in Instagram Stories.

In fact, IBM managed to garner about 246,000 unique viewers by geo-targeting its Instagram Stories.

In 2017, American Eagle ran a pride social campaign during the pride month to help spotlight its #WeAllCan platform. Influencers like writer Orion Carloto helped the campaign, and the total mentions from the hashtag #WeAllCan increased by 225%.

Adding face filters and stickers to your Instagram Stories can make them more appealing and attract more viewers. Some of the most popular stickers your brand can use are the vibrant location sticker, “Like” sticker, and digital time sticker.

You can also use polls to build more engagement, just like how Airbnb uses this feature in its Instagram Stories to ask followers to locate a specific destination highlighted by the company.

More so, always add call-to-action links at the end of Instagram Stories to direct followers to either your shoppable page, other social platforms, or a blog post, so that you can engage with them on your turf and increase the chances of making a sale.

For instance, every time Brit + Co posts its “Newsys at Noon,” which highlights the most popular news from its website, the company adds a redirecting link.

For more on how to use Instagram Stories to your advantage, check out the infographic below.